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Cleaning Cloth which finally does it all ...

Crystal Cloth: Finally a cleaning cloth which wipes away haze, smudges, finger prints, even hard water stains without leaving lint, streaks or scratches, and without requiring harsh chemicals. These truly amazing cloths look and feel like real suede, yet are actually synthetic optical grade cloth which easily cleans and polishes stemware, crystal, silver and flatware ... virtually anything with a smooth surface. Safe to also use on eyewear, camera lenses, TV and computer screens, mirrors, glass cabinets & windows. We even use them to clean the expensive optics on our laser! Hypoallergenic and environmentally safe; the unique fibers rely on millions of microscopic fibers and static power rather than harsh chemicals to trap dirt and oils.  Washable, and can be reused hundreds of times. Available in 2 colors (Federal Blue and Wine) and two sizes. Lasered images typically measure ~1-1.5 high by ~2 across and would be centered along an edge. Imported.


Description SKU # Dimensions MSRP
Small Crystal Cloths - Federal Blue in Wrap


12 x 12


Small Crystal Cloths - Wine Color in Wrap


12 x 12


Large Crystal Cloths - Federal Blue in Poly Bag


16 x 12


Large Crystal Cloths - Wine Color in Poly Bag


16 x 12


Custom Engraving Service, or to order - Contact Us

MSRP includes lasered image. Deduct $3.00 for unlasered/plain cloths

Call for quotes on orders exceeding 250 cloths



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